Ross Carlson

He will be in the house from October 15th thru the 20th. Please feel free to call the shop, email us or hit up his face book to set up an appointment.

An amazing night…

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Channel 5 came and got some shots!


Piles of people

Manny and Dave Brosky


Donnie and Manny Lorenzana

Omar “the amazing”, Hector Florrissey, and Chris Paez

Rapid Robt.’s Fancy Ride

Ghost Machine by Alex Garcia Debut

Jim Silvia, Mathew Hurtado, Alan Padilla, Big Gus, Shawn Barber, Jed

Daniel Werder, Jim Silvia, and Jeff Johnson

Thanks to all who took these photos….

Burning at Both Ends

Fresh and clean for Sunday night, 5 days of work and some of the most beautiful people making this place even better than before. Tomorrow we hang paintings i’ll post pics with prices for all of you out of town/ state/ traveling the world.